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Ventilation Duct Cleaning
YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH depends on the air quality of your home because many North Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, much of it at home. The air duct system in your home offers a perfect environment for bacteria, fungus, pollen, dust, and other allergy and disease causing organisms. Every time the furnace fan kicks on, these organisms are forced into the air you breathe.

-Duct cleaning, on average, removes 14 to 17 pounds of dirt, debris and dust from the ducts of the average home.
-Clean air ducts lower energy bills.
-State of the art equipment.
-Trained, tested, and certified technicians.
-Flower fresh cleaning since 1930.
-Free estimates.
-No hidden charges.

-Satisfaction guaranteed.
-It's not clean until it's Duraclean.