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Fire/Smoke Restoration
A fire and smoke loss is very complex due to the unique behavior of heat and smoke. Every restoration project is diverse so you need trained and experienced technicians dealing with the loss. DURACLEAN knows their fire and smoke.

Pretesting is a critical part of a loss, it is performed on the property to determine the following:

-Conditions of the structure and contents before the loss occurred
-The most effective method of cleaning
-To determine the full degree of the damage
-What can be restored verses what needs to be replaced

Pack Outs
Depending on the extant of damage, the insured may need to be housed in temporary housing.
There are many reasons for moving out of a home or business.

-Quicker reconstruction process
-To protect contents from secondary damage
-To enhance the dry out of contents and structure
-Security reasons
-To have contents in a controlled environment during and after restoration

Pack Out Process
The pack out is a very important step in the restoration process. Duraclean handles your property with the utmost care throughout the restoration. The pack out process is broken down into the following categories.

-Video the entire job site
-Perform an initial scope of the job
-Digital photo inventory all claim items removed from the job site.
-Carefully pack and tag contents
-Transfer items to a warehouse to be cleaned, deodorized and repacked
-Store items in a climate controlled warehouse
-Move contents pack to the customer

Content Restoration
Restoring your contents to pre-loss condition is a less costly option than refinishing or replacing them. DURACLEAN uses the most advanced cleaning procedures and methods in the industry to ensure your property is restored properly. DURACLEAN takes care and concern for your personal property.

Methods of content restoration

-Dry cleaning
-Wet cleaning
-Spray and wipe
-Foam cleaning
-Abrasive cleaning
-Immersion cleaning

Electronics & Equipment
Tacking prompt action to prevent further damage is the key to restoring electronics. Smoke residue and moisture will corrode metal surfaces if not taken care of properly and in a timely manner. DURACLEAN professional technicians will clean the interior of your electronic items to stop further damage. DURACLEAN cleans and restores electronics in house to save our customers time and money.

Odor Removal
After a fire or smoke damage, the odor will linger in the affected areas unless treated properly. DURACLEAN technicians are skilled in detecting and removing odors. Odors can come from many different sources, sometimes requiring more then one method of deodorization.