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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
Dirty ceilings create a bad impression and your options are to replace, paint or clean them. Cleaning is the most effective way to correct the problem but some methods don't provide satisfactory results, especially when the ceiling is made of tile. With Duraclean's Ceiling Cleaning system, you can now save replacement and painting costs as well as the disruption which would occur from these unsatisfactory options. You can effectively get rid of dirt, film, smoke and soot without the concern about excessive bleaching. Our process for ceiling tile construction will clean the tile, any grid work, air diffusers and light lenses to restore their appearance and acoustic properties. It is highly effective on the removal of cigarette tar residue. Optimal cleaning results for ceiling tile systems is achieved in approximately 10-12 hours. We can also effectively clean painted ceilings and walls with flat and gloss paint, brick work, stone and many types of wallpaper.

-Ceiling and wall cleaning including tile, painted surfaces, wallpaper, brick and stone.
-Environmentally safe cleaning solutions.
-Trained, tested, and certified technicians.
-Flower fresh cleaning since 1930.
-Free estimates.
-No hidden charges.
-Satisfaction guaranteed.
-It's not clean until it's Duraclean.